Individual Membership

The Association is open to all persons gainfully employed in the field of corrections and to those who are interested in the goals of the association. Individuals shall become members upon payment of the annual dues.

Agency Membership

Agencies may join the Association on an annual fee basis. Such membership shall be entitled to one equal vote and additional Association benefits.

Why Join Western Correctional Association?

  • WeCA can be your voice in Regional Correctional Development and Policy.
  • WeCA can enhance professional networking regionally as well as nationally.
  • WeCA offers travel and training at our annual conferences.
  • WeCA provides you the opportunity to explore innovative and creative ideas, concepts, policies, and programming which may not exist in your state or province.
  • WeCA is large enough to provide the expanse of knowledge and small enough to care about your individual needs encompassed in a family atmosphere.
  • Financially, WeCA offers the MOST FOR YOUR MONEY.

WeCA is Growing and Expanding in All Areas

  • Our membership has quadrupled.
  • The professional development training package is in place.
  • Our quarterly magazine has expanded, offering twice the amount of valuable information.
  • Our members are involved, excited, and dedicated to the future.